Guerillas Adopted By Toronto Shop

Bensimon-Byrne, a Toronto agency working on Molson, Scotia Bank and Ottawa Renegades, among other accounts, have hired Brendan Watson and Jana Ranjitkumar as a creative team.
After meeting with David Rosenberg, creative director at Bensimon-Byrne, Brendan and Jana followed up by baking and delivering a cookie in the shape of the “flying-H” Hyundai logo, an account the shop was in the process of pitching.
The creative team camping outside Taxi
Brendan says, “Getting a job in advertising is the combination of hard work, thick skin, persistence, timing and being a generally good person with a great book. Doing things like ‘personalized follow-ups and stunts’ will help your passion and enthusiasm get noticed, but will not replace any of the requirements listed above. David sure did enjoy the cookie (I think he ate the entire thing that morning), but we must remain conscious of the fact that if our book wasn’t where it needed to be, Jana and I would not be sitting where we are today.”
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