Public Notetaking

What do we “sell” here on AdPulp? Nothing. The content we package, or repurpose, is free for the taking. Thus, our obligation to live by the time-tested “customer is always right” adage is thankfully nonexistent. Free dailys, weeklies or web sites that are supported by advertising can’t play that game. They’re beholden to their audience, […]

NOT Main Street USA

JWT’s clever media placement for Stringfellows, Paris. [via Frederik Samuel]

Andrew Young Stuns Labor Activists And Then Some

From USA TODAY: Andrew Young, one of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s top aides, a former United Nations ambassador and former mayor of Atlanta, announced last month that he would head a group formed to spread the word about the positive contributions of Wal-Mart Stores. Young says he was drawn to the Wal-Mart venture […]

Financial Services Opt For Cabela’s Look And Feel

What is it with insurance firms using animals in their marketing? Pacific Life has the whale. Mutual of Omaha had an entire wild kingdom, once upon a time. And now The Hartford is bringing back their buck with a magnificent rack. I don’t mind, I’m just wondering aloud. From New York Times: The Hartford Financial […]

A Crime Against Pixelated Humanity

The Consumerist crew doesn’t miss a thing. I mean, can you name one other person, or entity, that scours free standing inserts for photoshop abuse? This JELL-O ad appeared in the coupons this Sunday. Frankly, it’s horrifying. What have they done to this poor models legs? No legs are supposed to bend to that degree. […]

Hang Up And Live

I’m surprised to see that Snark Hunting likes Sprint’s “Yes-man” campaign. Sprint’s new “Yes-man” campaign is effective because it’s taking a negative phrase, redefining it, taking ownership of it and getting you to pay attention. Verizon pulled a similar power play through its “Can you hear me now” campaign, embracing a phrase muttered by everyone […]

Is The Web Hitting A Wall?

Working in advertising, I can’t imagine a life without Internet. And in the process of moving cities recently, any time I spent without a fast connection nearby gave me panic attacks. Seriously. So this BusinessWeek article about Internet growth and resistance is fascinating to me. Many people are non-Netizens for obvious reasons. They can’t afford […]

It’s All Too Much

On Monday, Seth Godin claimed less is sometimes more when it comes to blog content. By writing too much, too often, we’re trouncing on the attention of the commons. Blogs with restraint, selectivity, cogency and brevity (okay, that’s a long way of saying “making every word count”) will use attention more efficiently and ought to […]