Virtually Edwards In ’08

Former North Carolina Senator, John Edwards, has a virtual Presidential campaign headquarters in Second Life.
According to ZDNet, Jerimee Richir, whose avatar is called Jose Rote, paid-for and developed Edwards’ virtual headquarters, and, on a voluntary basis, is managing the in-world campaign.
Irascible adman, George Parker, doesn’t like the development.

The news that Senator John Edwards has opened a campaign headquarters on Second Life leaves me scratching my head. Let’s assume he runs a brilliant “virtual” campaign and all the Second Lifers vote for him. He wins the “virtual” Presidency, but falls on his arse in the “real” race. He gets to be the “virtual” decider, but not the “real” one. I suppose he gets to invade a “virtual” Iran instead of the ‘real” one. Which would save us a lot of money and a lot of dead people.

Naturally, brands–be they political or commercial–want to be where the action is. I can’t say how much action Second Life provides, but it is a current media darling, so it may be a good move from a PR point-of-view. Yet, the fantasy realm seems incongruous with the real life problems the next President of the United States will face.



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