If Concept Is King, Process Must Be Prince

I used to work for a Creative Director at a big agency who would say, “Process will save your ass.” He would send junior paper shufflers scurrying whenever they asked for something outside of the agency’s established process for such things. It seemed harsh at the time, but I understood the need for it. Since […]

From Screen To Screen

The New York Times details the movement of one key executive from TV to the web. I have a feeling we’re going to see many more such migrations in the coming years. The New York Times Company has appointed Vivian Schiller, senior vice president for television and video at the paper, to the position of […]

Orlando Office Withers

According to Lewis Lazare, Cramer-Krasselt has shrunk its Orlando operation from 30 to 3, after the loss of Winn-Dixie. The grocer recently filed for bankruptcy. Lazare says C-K executives are now helping the office’s only other principal client, Florida Power & Light, find another ad agency.

Money Finds Its Way To Wiki

Internet Brands, Inc, a leading operator of media and e-commerce sites for “large ticket” consumer purchases, today announced the acquisition of Wikitravel and World66, two leading community travel guides of up-to-date, traveler-focused content. The sites are growing exponentially, collectively attracting more than 2 million visits per month, more than triple a year ago. Both websites […]

Modern Day Dinosaurs Still Have Time To Adapt

Grant McCracken is sure there is an “anthropology of decline” that documents the symptomatology of regime transition. In fact, he keeps a simple typology on cardboard in his wallet….to make it easier to identity institutions in their last days. Stage 1. Benign neglect In the early days of regime transition, the incumbent (aka New York […]

Is P&G Getting Emotional With Its Ads?

From BusinessWeek: To find a new message for Tide, P&G tried a twist on the traditional focus group. Instead of gathering women in a room, Tide managers and strategists from Saatchi & Saatchi spent two weeks in the field talking to women in Kansas City, Mo., and Charlotte, N.C. They followed women as they shopped […]

Magazines Poised For Unprecedented Growth, For Sure

Though much of the Freudian cannon has been debunked, some of his vocabulary still rings true, and if nothing else, provides handy explanations for otherwise inexplicable comments such as this one from Nina Link, president of the Magazine Publishers of America. Nina Link responded to Merrill Lynch’s report that the Internet will take in more […]

Starbucks Staff Not Spelling It Out For Us

Starbucks is co-producing a Hollywood film that has nothing to do with coffee. Last January, Associated Press reported that Starbucks employees will wear lanyards with “Akeelah” buzz words during the month of April in the hope of sparking conversations about the movie, billed as the story of an 11-year-old girl from inner-city Los Angeles who […]