L.A. Hipsters On Their Way To Tennessee

According to this Adfreak report, TBWA\Chiat\Day’s marketing services unit, Tequila, is moving its operations to Nashville, TN. The move is a result of Nissan’s relocation to the musical city.

Now Onstage: Live Ads

From the AP: Actors will take the stage in Dublin, Ireland, next week, but don’t expect to see anything by Brian Friel or Sean O’Casey. It’s a commercial, a live commercial, by the city of London, in a bid to attract more visitors. Pauline McLynn, who starred as the housekeeper, Mrs. Doyle, in the TV […]

Lay Your Vibrators On The Table

Bullshit Observer observed some bullshit first hand earlier this week. I’m sitting in a meeting today with the director of marketing, VP of marketing, and GM – all with their wireless handheld devices sitting on the table. For an hour it was one buzzing or beeping noise after another with those things. It was fun […]

Goodyear’s Consumer Generated Names Smack Of Corporate Meddling

Goodyear received over 21,000 names in its Name The Blimp promotion. Given the quantity, it’s too bad they’ve chosen to narrow it down to 10 lame names: American Dream, Freedom, Liberty, Patriot, Patriot of Peace, Pride of America, Spirit of Endurance, Spirit of Ingenuity, Spirit of Innovation and The Spirit of Peace. I do like […]

Capture And Deliver Content On The Fly

CNET reports on a new way to deliver content to YouTube. YouTube launched on Wednesday a service that allows users to upload homemade clips via their mobile phones or PDAs. A growing number of handheld devices are capable of recording video. YouTube wants to disconnect users from their Web cams and computers, said Steve Chen, […]

Natural Foods Marketer Plays Price Game

According to the New York Times, Austin-based Whole Foods is embarking on a mission to change a fundemental consumer perception—that the store is exceedingly expensive. For the next 10 weeks, Whole Foods is running print advertisements in New York City emphasizing “value” and “deals” — two words not generally associated with the chain that inspired […]

Now Reading

I’ve been paying attention to several new ad blogs, of late: The Diary of Putney Swope Scamp Why Advertising Sucks Make the Logo Bigger The Ranch Wrightoff Adverb Advergirl Brand Architect and Bullshit Observer It’s a robust category filled with professional communicators, each of whom bring their own unique stories and slants on the business. […]

Lying, Cheating Brands

Well, Hugh said it very succinctly (see post below), but over at Fast Company, Karen Post takes a closer look at “Lying, Cheating Brands”: Deception in promotional programs, communications, advertising, and customer service pollutes the entire market. Consistent integrity, not shady tactics, is the glue that bonds a brand to a consumer. If you are […]