Lying, Cheating Brands

Well, Hugh said it very succinctly (see post below), but over at Fast Company, Karen Post takes a closer look at “Lying, Cheating Brands”: Deception in promotional programs, communications, advertising, and customer service pollutes the entire market. Consistent integrity, not shady tactics, is the glue that bonds a brand to a consumer. If you are […]

Desegregation Now!

Talking honestly about race is rarely easy in America, but almost always necessary. From Ad Age: Advertising agencies remain segregated remnants of the 1950s, in effect casting multicultural agencies aside in virtual “Negro leagues,” said Richard Wayner, CEO of the True Agency, during a heated question-and-answer session after a panel discussion at the Los Angeles […]

You Don’t Seem To Understand The Nuances Of Our Brand Voice

Care of Hugh MacLeod

There Is No Hard Ad News

The Diary of Putney Swope examines the lameness of the advertising trade press and ponders who might be positioned to give Adweek and Ad Age a run for their money. It will more than likely be done by an upstart, but it would have to be one that is well financed. MediaPost is interesting, but […]

Gamers Got Game

Hollywood producers are perpetually in search of “the story.” Sometimes they find it in the young writer from Iowa, sometimes on page 14 of the local newspaper. According to this New York Times piece, gamers increasingly have the story. For years, Hollywood has talked about the supposed convergence of films and video games. And for […]

The Influentials: Advertising in New York City

New York Magazine details the seven Most Influential People in Advertising from New York City. Not surprisingly, Google’s VP of Ad Sales, Tim Armstrong topped the list, followed by Irwin Gotlieb – CEO, GroupM of WPP John Wren – CEO, Omnicom Group Bob Greenberg – CEO, R/GA Jon Kamen – CEO, The Swedes – […]

The Greening Of Adlandia

Sustainability and advertising don’t exactly fit together like peas in a pod. Yet, after hearing industrialist-turned-environmentalist, Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface, speak in Savannah two weeks ago, I know there is a place for green practices in the ad biz, just like there is at home, at school, at the gym, etc. Inspired chiefly by […]

Fallingwater Safe From Corporate Wrecking Ball (If BMW Has Anything To Say About It)

BMW has respect for iconoclasts. According to Adweek, as part of its new “Ideas are everything” campaign from GSD+M, the German carmaker places value on the work of unconventional characters like Frank Lloyd Wright. One ad shows corporate executives crushing their employees’ creative instincts with bromides such as “Choose your battles.” In a spot that […]