Tiger’s Search

The Google spot that captured lots of attention last night has apparently been on YouTube for a while. And so has this parody from Slate:

Dr. Pepper Brings Little People To The Big Stage

Dr. Pepper really places an accent on “little kiss” with this Super Bowl spot. Little Kiss, it turns out is a real cover band. Check ’em out.

Super Geekery Bowl

Additionally, Intel wants to know what is your core moment?

Thirst Inducing Advertainment

Based On Their Super Bowl Commercials, Would You Rather Drive A Kia Or An Audi?

Can You Argue With Parsons?

Four minutes into the video above GoDaddy.com CEO Bob Parsons says, “Most advertising is not interesting. It’s like a fat guy, it’s not offensive, everybody likes him but he doesn’t get much action. Our ads, maybe they’re a little offensive, a little in your face, but they work and they work in spades.”

“Have A Big American Dumb Fun Day”

You have to sit through this entire video of ad analysis before Barbara Lippert of Adweek encourages us to “have a big American dumb fun day.” She also thinks talking babies are funny. Barbara.

No Exploding Monkeys In The Google Bowl

John Battelle, who wrote the book on Google, believes this ad will run during the big game today. I can’t find the ad in this lineup of SuperBowl advertisers, but I’d not be surprised if Google had asked CBS to keep their name out of the pre-game hype (my source was told Google was keeping […]