Ask Any Mermaid You Happen To See

Chicken of the Sea is out with some new radio and an updated take on the brand’s classic jingle. COS-Mother-In-Law by The Mermaid COS-Why by The Mermaid Fans can also chat with the Mermaid and learn her many tips on Twitter and Facebook. Agency: Campbell-Ewald

Let’s Get This Guy Back In The Booth

This man has skills. As in any industry people fall through the cracks sometimes, but their talent isn’t diminished by the fall. Wouldn’t it be great to hire this guy for a radio job or two? There’s no contact info given, but the citizen reporter does give the man’s location as I-71 and Hudson Street […]

Luke Sullivan Deserves Praise For Praising Radio

Radio advertising. Just the mention of it makes many copywriters cringe and puts everyone else in advertising to sleep. It’s been bludgeoned by not only iPods, satellite radio and Pandora, but also DJ live reads and radio stations that produce them in-house as a freebie when advertisers buy time. The majority of it sucks: it’s […]

One Big Ad Blog Love Fest

I want to send out a very special thank to Bob Knorpp of The Beancast for a live read on his 2009 Year End Show. He, and guests George Parker and Bill Green have some terribly nice things to say about us. If a Web site could blush… Knorpp frames our content as “considered commentaries” […]

Stream It And They Will Come

Internet radio is on the rise. According to market-research firms Edison Research Inc. and Arbitron Inc., more than 42 million people each week listen to radio streamed over the Internet, more than double the rate from five years ago. Of the 42 million people who listen to Internet radio, 24 million are tuning in to […]

Big Writeup in The Times On Pandora’s Musical Geekery

New York Times Magazine columnist Rob Walker busted out of his “Consumed” column this week with an in-depth feature on Pandora, one of the leading players in streaming radio. Walker’s piece is an interesting look at how far radio has evolved in 100 years. He also notes how Pandora’s particular use of technology (which determines […]

Radio Is Fertile Ground For Story

The Lacey Study, a sound comedy, is a serial radio program seeking an audience and possibly a sponsor. According to The Wall Street Journal, serials proliferated in the 1920s, and many eventually made the leap to television, including “Guiding Light,” which is only now about to end its 72-year run. Creators of the show James […]

Radio Free Lexington Needs 200 Large To Spread The Jams

[Brought to you by The Society for Better Listening (a figment of AdPulp’s imagination)]