What’s Old Is New Again

Quaker City Mercantile (the Philadelphia agency formerly known as Gyro Worldwide) has been busy reinvigorating the Narragansett Beer brand. Given the brand’s rich history in New England, it made sense to mine the archives and that’s what QCM did. Using original ‘Gansett commercials from the 1950s that featured husband and wife comedy duo Mike Nichols […]

Song Song Blue

“I don’t have much money but boy if I did I’d buy a big house where we both could live” – Elton John Bloggers aren’t the only ones struggling to find an answer to the paid content riddle. Musicians and their labels are also looking for new sources of revenue. And they have friends in […]

Live from SXSW c/o BlogTalkRadio and PepsiCo

BlogTalkRadio and PepsiCo are teaming up to bring those of us not in Austin this week (or those too hung over to make it to a panel) some of the proceedings. Pepsi marketing execs are also blogging the conference. And the brand is providing PepsiCoZeitgeist, a Twitter visualizer. John Bell of Ogilvy notes, “while other […]

Local Content for a Global Audience

Mike Elgan of The Raw Feed, writing in Computer World, gives props to iHeart Radio, a free iTunes application from Clear Channel. I downloaded the app and it’s pretty slick. But since KBCO/Boulder is the only Clear Channel station that I care about, it’s not an app I’ll use over and over like Pandora. However, […]

Cash Is King

John Malone, the media mogul living in Colorado, has cash. That makes him king. According to The Wall Street Journal, Malone used that cash to swoop in at the last minute and save Sirius XM from the clutches of bankruptcy. By lending Sirius $530 million, Liberty receives a 40% stake in the satellite-radio operator, plus […]

Traditional Media, Not The Google’s Thing

First, The Google stepped off it’s print buying excursion. Now, just two weeks later, the search titan is backing away from the radio table. According to The New York Times: Google said it was ending its radio project, Google Audio Ads, because it had failed to live up to expectations. Up to 40 people are […]

Pandora Caves, Runs Ads

Pandora is now serving ads in its stream. I haven’t heard them yet, even though I did listen to a good bit of music on Pandora today. For what it’s worth, TechCrunch says the ads are “not that bad.” Audiophiles and anti-commercial activists may have other views. If they choose, listeners can always sign up […]

What W+K Sounds Like

I started an internet radio station at The Integer Group in 2002. It was called KTIG and featured playlists from about a dozen associates in the Denver office. After I left the agency, the project withered away. The reasons we made the effort in the first place: a) to create a working model for our […]