Union Airs WAPO’s Dirty Laundry

According to The New York Times, The Communications Workers of America union is seeking to restart stalled contract talks with The Washington Post. The union represents 400 manufacturing workers at the Post. The union is running a radio, print and outdoor campaign that seeks to embarrass the paper’s management and bring them to the bargaining […]

We Can Do Better Than Coal

According to The Washington Post, the coal industry is fighting for Mr. Peabody, even though his coal train long ago hauled it away. In Kansas, where a state agency rejected a permit for two proposed coal plants, opinion polls show that roughly two out of three people opposed the plants. That sentiment, plus soaring construction […]

What Does A Comedy Writer Say When He Runs For Senate?

Well, Al Franken has to tell people he’s serious. Literally. Will Minnesotans buy it? Maybe. They elected Jesse “The Body” Ventura, didn’t they?

User Generated Content At Center of Political Appeals

Politics is a word-of-mouth business. Families discuss it over dinner. Colleagues over lunch. And increasingly, we turn to political communities on the interwebs for more “discussion.” Communities like Huck’s Army, a site run by 19-year old twin brothers. According to Wired, Huck’s Army could turn out to be crucial for Gov. Huckabee’s campaign as it […]

Presidential Politics Is Just Marketing With Tackier Buttons

Thought I’d give loyal AdPulp readers a preview of an upcoming TalentZoo column while it’s all fresh in my mind. Lord knows, this could all change in a week. In a Presidential campaign, politics is theater. It’s entertainment. And above all else, it’s marketing. Can the ad industry learn anything by watching this $1 billion […]

Ohio’s 3rd Congressional District Needs David Esrati

Go David, go. David is the owner of The Next Wave in Dayton. Find out more at his campaign site Esrati.com.

Scratch And Win The Caucus

Over at Politico.com, Roger Simon reveals Hillary Clinton’s latest tactic to win support in Iowa: A campaign with limited resources would forget about the expansion voters and just go after the provens and potentials. But the Clinton campaign has been sending out a special glossy mailing to expansion voters. On the bottom is a scratch […]

Politics Gets Personal For Huckabee The Huckster

He hasn’t raised the most money, but Mike Huckabee can afford a real good camera crew. Can you imagine the on-set high-fives when some campaign advisor looked through the lens and said “Wow, the way you’re framed here in the shot, there’s a freakin’ cross plain as day in the background right next to your […]