Hockey Moms For Truth “Out” Palin

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You Might Not Look Like Them, Sing Like Them Or Act Like Them, But You Can Vote The Way They Do

Likeability Is An Asset In A Popularity Contest

Marketing consultant, Alan Wolk, believes there is wisdom in keeping things simple when attempting to market a complicated product in difficult times. So does the Republican Party, which is what makes them a tough foe for the overly analytical Dems. Here’s Wolk’s take on the appeal of Sarah Palin: I think that part of the […]

You Can Have It Your Way At BK, But Not At The Polls

Politics is polarizing, arguably to a dangerous degree in this country. Burger King and their agency, Crispin Porter & Bogusky understand that and have turned this fact into cultural currency. BK customers interested in having fun with the race can download applications for Facebook or MySpace and then share their political opinions and debate “friends.” […]

Blasting Swift Boats From Fortified Positions Onshore

Spending on political advertising — which includes candidates’ as well as third-party ads — is expected to reach about $3 billion this year, compared with $1 billion in 2000. According to The Wall Street Journal, attempts are increasingly being made by lawyers from the campaigns to negate the damaging effects of third party ads against […]

Digging Through The Archives

The NRA Weighs In

McCain Makes “Change” Out of Wall Street Fiasco

“I’ll reform Wall Street and fix Washington,” McCain says. That’s bold talk. And it’s a lie. Perhaps, the Arizona Senator never received the memo. For, Washington has been in Wall Street’s pocket–and the pocket of anyone else with money to spend–for generations. Populist rhetoric isn’t going to get the job done. The only person in […]