It Ain’t Rock ’em Sock ’em

I know we’re looking at a bunch of political ads today, so I’ll keep this brief. The New York Times calls the ad above “among the most pointed attacks to be put out by Mr. Obama.” Huh? I thought Obama was a boxer.

A Killer Ad. Literally.

It’s getting nasty out there. Back in 2004, I was living in Ohio–the tightest of all the states, Presidentially speaking. So there was an absolute barrage on all sides to get votes. It was non-stop. The Electoral College map hasn’t changed much. So now, this ad is apparently going up in Ohio: You can find […]

Toilet Paper Advertising Is More Honest Than Political Advertising

Writing on The Huffington Post, Sarah O’Leary makes the case that political advertising should be fact-checked: Political advertising is the most important and persuasive weapon in a presidential campaign’s arsenal. Candidates, national committees and a variety of groups spend the vast majority of their war chest wealth, hundreds of millions of dollars, on TV, radio, […]

If the Real Thing Don’t Do the Trick, You Better Make Up Something Quick

Rob Walker points to this Hollywood Insider report about the use of Heart’s song “Barracuda” by the McCain/Palin campaign. Heart’s Nancy Wilson felt compelled to personally respond. “I think it’s completely unfair to be so misrepresented,” she said in a phone call to “I feel completely f—ed over.” She and sister Ann Wilson then […]

Donny Deutsch Explains Sarah Palin

No, I won’t give you the following 3 minutes and 44 seconds of your life back. You just have to watch this. “Women want to be her, men want to mate with her. it’s as simple as that…”

Judging By The RNC Last Night, The Answer Is “No”

The posters designed by Rich Silverstein and supported by Arianna Huffington have finally made it to this week’s Republican National Convention. Basically, it’s just a long list of words describing the Bush administration with the tagline, “Haven’t we had enough?” Click here to see Arianna and Rich roll out a big version of the poster. […]

St. Paul Turns Purple

Campbell Mithun and Hungry Man Productions invite their fellow Minnesotans to roll out the red carpet next week as thousands of Republicans visit their traditionally Democratic state. According to the campaign’s web site, The UnConvention is a non-partisan collective of citizens who have come together to create a forum in which to promote the democratic […]

Dems Cowboys

My view of Denver is skewed from growing up in Nebraska and the fact that I twice lived there. I see it as a place where Neal Cassady was at home. Not as a cow town, by any stretch. Yet this poster from Colorado designers Idaho Stew has stirred some to suggest the image reinforces […]