Judging By The RNC Last Night, The Answer Is “No”

The posters designed by Rich Silverstein and supported by Arianna Huffington have finally made it to this week’s Republican National Convention. Basically, it’s just a long list of words describing the Bush administration with the tagline, “Haven’t we had enough?” Click here to see Arianna and Rich roll out a big version of the poster. […]

St. Paul Turns Purple

Campbell Mithun and Hungry Man Productions invite their fellow Minnesotans to roll out the red carpet next week as thousands of Republicans visit their traditionally Democratic state. According to the campaign’s web site, The UnConvention is a non-partisan collective of citizens who have come together to create a forum in which to promote the democratic […]

Dems Cowboys

My view of Denver is skewed from growing up in Nebraska and the fact that I twice lived there. I see it as a place where Neal Cassady was at home. Not as a cow town, by any stretch. Yet this poster from Colorado designers Idaho Stew has stirred some to suggest the image reinforces […]

Battleground States Are Good for Business

In Florida’s living rooms, the presidential contest so far has been a landslide — Barack Obama, 9,785; John McCain, zero. That is the tally of local television commercials broadcast by each candidate in the state. Recent polls in Florida show Sen. McCain holding a small edge in Florida. [via The Wall Street Journal]

“Change” The Way Presidents Are Marketed

Peter Feld at Ad Age thinks that the Obama campaign’s appeal to Millennials is playbook perfect. Wrote Newsweek’s Andrew Romano, “Obama is the first presidential candidate to be marketed like a high-end consumer brand.” His rising-sun logo echoes the one-world iconography of Pepsi, AT&T and Apple. Design guru Michael Bierut told Romano that the stand-alone […]

Iraq, the Cash Drain

Alan Grayson is fighting the war profiteers. I hope he wins. [via Where’s My Jetpack?]

For Common Sense, We Have to Turn to Beer

According to Ad Age, Miller High Life sales rose by nearly 1% during the second quarter, a strong performance for a brand in a challenged category (full-calorie domestic macrobrews) that had seen steep declines in sales for several years leading up to the advent of the current Common Sense campaign. Here’s the latest, politically themed […]

Another Brother Moses

Jah come to break downpression, Rule equality, Wipe away transgression, Set the captives free. -Robert Nesta Marley Senator McCranky started the week with an ad that compared his opponent to Britney Spears and Paris Hilton. His intent was to say Obama is a lightweight, an argument which simply holds no water. Now, he’s got a […]