Romeny’s Just Another Privileged Yankee, Says Gingrich

Because it is the season to do so, we’ve been observing TV ads from the Republican candidates, but have yet to feature any of Newt Gingrich’s televised appeals in these pages.

Here’s some of his latest offerings, all with a familiar theme.

Gingrich also launched a new microsite recently, called Stop Romey’s Pious Baloney.

Some on the right fear Gingrich’s tearing down of the party’s establishment candidate, while others see it as a test by fire, and a necessary preparation for the general election.

According to press reports, Gingrich is busy painting a stark contrast between the son of an American car executive and himself. Gingrich, who is battling to keep his campaign alive in South Carolina, said today that “crony capitalism” undermines free enterprise.

“I want you to know that I am running precisely because, as an Army brat from a middle-class family who taught in college, I think middle-class, taxpaying, working families deserve a government that is honest,” he said.



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