Freedom Fries Are Not On The Menu

The French know how to live. This is common knowledge. It is also common knowledge that their recipe for life includes a steady diet of incredible wine, bread and cheese. Yet, French producers have a marketing problem. Other places also produce these life essentials. Hence, the need for a party. Lots of parties with French […]

A Bus Came By And I Got On

Greyhound is sprucing up its user experience. This month, the first of 102 redesigned buses surfaced on Greyhound’s routes from New York to Montreal, Toronto and Boston. Improvements include a freshly painted blue and silver exterior with a new logo, free Wi-Fi, additional legroom, power outlets and adjustable three-point seat belts. [via The New York […]

Some Sound Thinking

I’m generally not much of a fan of anti-drug campaigns, but the Sound Advice Project is a pretty cool idea. From Creativity: Parents can record a short message to their child on the teen anti-drug non-profit’s site. The sound file is then visualized as a sound wave, which is then translated into a 3D bracelet […]

Christina Aguilera And The Sweet Smell of Israel

Fans of pop music might expect Christina to air her laundry in public. Instead the pop diva hung her hangers in public, as part of an experiential marketing stunt to drive interest in her new perfume. Mizbala of Tel-Aviv placed tens of thousands of quality clothes hangers, with a perfume sample and a branded Christina […]

The More Appealing the Core Offering, The Easier It Is To Promote

LA Times is running a story about the Navy upgrading its housing for junior officers in San Diego, Jacksonville and Norfolk. To boost morale and reenlistment rates, the Navy and a private development firm have opened the first phase of Pacific Beacon, a $322-million high-rise housing project at Naval Base San Diego. Four 18-story towers […]

Studying Shoppers

Looking for insight into how brands can entice frugal shoppers, Susan Berfield of BusinessWeek sat down with environmental psychologist Paco Underhill, author of Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping and Call of the Mall: The Geography of Shopping. In the written piece for BusinessWeek, Berfield takes Underhill to a Whole Paycheck where he sees […]

I Don’t Know What’s Better, The Game Or Your Velveeta Nachos

Americans will eat 46% more chips this Sunday and Kraft Foods intends to be there in living rooms across the land to soak it all up. Literally. According to The Wall Street Journal, Kraft hired House Party, an Irvington, N.Y. experiential marketing firm whose specialty is setting up parties to promote clients’ products. Using its […]

Interactive Doesn’t Mean Online, It Means To Play With, Vol. 2

Power + Water = FogScreen