How Greatness Gets Going

I don’t know what legendary media critic, A.J. Liebling thought of advertising. Whatever he thought of it, he knew how to use advertising to his advantage. Here’s a small piece of his Wikipedia entry: He returned to Providence in autumn 1927 to write for the Journal. He then moved to New York, where he proceeded […]

The New Rock Stars Are Kinda Indie founders, Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman Business Week is running a feature on the new NoCal rock stars. You know, the young turks that lurk just south of San Francisco. Digg founder, Kevin Rose and his fellow wealth punks have little in common with the sharp-talking MBAs in crisp khakis and blue button-downs who […]

“Free Agent Nation” Not So Far Fetched After All

CNN/Money reports on a Census Bureau survey which indicates 19.5 million U.S. businesses have no employees on the payroll, up 4.7 percent from the previous year. Businesses without a payroll now make up more than 70 percent of the nation’s more than 27 million companies, with annual sales of about $887 billion. Building contractors, Internet […]

“Sticky Eyeballs” Is So Not The Point

New York Times is reporting on a consortium of newspapers working with an online news aggregator,, to scan hundreds of news and blog sites and deliver content related to articles appearing on their Web sites, regardless of who published those articles. In other words, they will begin linking to the competition. “Five years ago, […]

The Genesis Of Ideas

Hugh MacLeod is far from excited by the work coming out of the ad industry. That much we know. But what does excite Mr. MacLeod? The Cluetrain wasn’t written by a Leo Burnett employee. Movable Type wasn’t invented by McCann. RSS wasn’t invented by JWT. Robert Scoble doesn’t work for Fallon. Techmeme wasn’t invented by […]

Gizmo-to-Gizmo (G2G) Calling Free Forever

Computer-to-computer calling is now free, thanks to Gizmo Project. Pardom me, it’s forever free. Engadget says, “if this is any sign of things to come, we’d say the free voice revolution may finally have a proper flagbearer.” And there’s a Mac and Linux client right out of the box. How do you like that?

The Physics Of Marketing 2.0

Hugh MacLeod is talking about “Objects of Sociability,” or what he calls, Ooze. He says “Ooze” is something that allows you to engage with another person. After saying this, Hugh dives into subatomic physics. Why? Because he can. At the subatomic level, things are interchangably waves or particles, depending on what instruments you are using […]

Rather/Cuban Combo To Score Points This Fall

Ad Age reports on Dan Rather’s imminent return to broadcast news, albeit on a satellite channel with a scant 3 million subscribers. Only three weeks after his bitter break with CBS, Mr. Rather and HDNet announced that he will produce and host a weekly news program, “Dan Rather Reports,” beginning in October. “As a team […]