What Do You Do For A Living? I Create Cultural Movements.

Scott Goodson, Founder, CEO and Chief Creative Officer of StrawberryFrog, is not content making ads. Far from it. For Goodson and his fellow amphibians, it’s all about inspiring “Cultural Movements.”

Cultural Movements is the StrawberryFrog way.
It is our process to come up with innovative strategies for our clients.
Cultural Movements is the StrawberryFrog competitive edge, our DNA. It sets the course for all the Frogs and our clients to follow. It’s what we deliver. It how our case studies are written. It’s our process to release innovation and liberate creativity. It lets us create a blueprint for change.
Cultural Movements is what we do at StrawberyFrog to maximize investments in marketing in light of all the changes happening around us, such as the fragmented media world, the radical decline of the 30 second TV spot, and the rise of the truly interactive class.

Sounds like fun. But it also sounds like a stretch. To me a cultural movement involves risk taking, collective effort on a massive scale, intelligence and guts. And it means you’re moving the culture forward to a better place. I’m not sure a brand can move the culture forward.
Of course, I’m focusing on the word “Movement” here–Civil Rights Movement, Womens’ Movement and the Labor Movement. Perhaps, Goodson is thinking of Cultural Movements differently. Maybe it’s pop culture movements he’s hoping to spur. It probably depends on the brand he’s supporting.



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