Groupmind Less Than Or Equal To Individual Expression

Even though the Sunday Times arrives in my driveway early each Sunday morning, I don’t always make it to the juiciest parts. So I have Three Minds to thank for pointing out this recent NYT Magazine article on Digital Maoism. Karl Marx famously predicted that industrial capitalism’s individualist ethos would engender its opposite: a new […]

A Christmas Eve Message From A Billionaire Blogger

On Christmas Eve, Mark Cuban, founder of HDnet and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, published a lengthy piece on his blog about advertising opportunities in high definition television. In route, he takes shot at the momentary darling of media planners everywhere. HDTV is the Internet video killer. Deal with it. Internet video won’t replace TV. […]

Micro Persuaders Gather ‘Round Gates

The world’s wealthiest man is getting his groove on. First he hangs with The Secret Machines at a Zune release party, now he’s kickin’ it with the digerati. According to Steve Rubel’s report, Jeremy Zawody, Michael Arrington, Liz Gannes, Niall Kennedy, Chris Pirillo, Molly Holzschlag, Evan Williams, Shaun Inman and others were in the presence […]

A Little Perspective Goes A Long Way (an eve of Thanksgiving story)

In some of the more exclusive advertising creative departments, writers and art diectors are envious of colleagues with a Lion or a Pencil to their credit, knowing they might have been just as lucky if it weren’t for that idiot client/creative director/account guy/director. According to The New York Times there’s a different kind of envy […]

It’s Obvious

Evan Williams, or Evhead as he is known, is a serial technology entrepreneur with down home values. ValleyWag calls him “a nice Midwestern guy.” Hey Denton, that’s how they grow ’em in Nebraska. Williams’ recently bought out his investors in Odeo, the podcasting startup he founded after selling Pyra Labs (the maker of Blogger) to […]


Vermont’s Champlain College–a private, baccalaureate institution that offers professionally focused programs balanced by a liberal arts foundation–has created a brilliant program for budding entrepreneurs. It’s called BYOBiz, or “bring your own business.” According to Burlington Free Press, 15 students started in the program this fall. National Public Radio’s Marketplace says one student in the program, […]

D.I.Y. Video Continues To Roll

The San Francisco Diggers of the 1960s used to feed the hungry in Golden Gate Park between theatrical perfornances. But there’s a new group of Diggers in the Bay Area these days. And The New York Times says they just got VC funding for a video production unit. In 2004, Jay Adelson, 36, and Kevin […]

She’s Mighty Mighty, Just Lettin’ It All Hang Out

Senior decision makers at Yahoo appear to have a thing for old Commodores songs. Liz Gannes, a staff writer for GigaOM has this scoop for us: Yahoo is in the process of setting up an in-house incubator in an attempt to hold onto its expensive talent, sources say. The project, called Brickhouse, will be led […]