Union Square Ventures Gets Times Treatment

The New York Times ran a feature piece on Fred Wilson’s venture capital firm in yesterday’s edition.
On his blog, Wilson says, “The last thing we needed was a puff piece saying we were the best VC out there or something. I’ve had that story written before and when it turned out not to be true, I’ve had it rubbed in my face.”
I don’t think Fred has much to worry about this time around. The Times points out that three companies financed by Union Square have already been sold for big profits.

Yahoo bought Del.icio.us, a Web bookmarking service, in 2005 for a reported $30 million, returning Union Square seven times its investment after only nine months. In 2007, Google bought FeedBurner, a service to help bloggers track their R.S.S. feeds, for a reported $100 million, and AOL bought Tacoda, a behavioral focusing service for online advertisers, for a reported $275 million.



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