Contemporary Artists Cover An Advertising Classic

Cotton Inc. is reintroducing a song from 1989, “The Fabric of Our Lives,” that served through the 1990s as a jingle in commercials for clothing and home furnishings made from cotton. The jingle comes back this week in a campaign from DDB/New York. To make sure the cotton jingle “is relevant to a new audience,” […]

Lindsay, Is That You?

[via BuzzFeed]

Sweet Noise From The Urban Jungle

I remember the first spec ad I ever had designed by a professional. It was for Banana Republic and the headline read, “Clothes for the Urban Jungle.” It looked good, but it didn’t work hard enough as an ad. According to Ad Age, The Gap-owned brand is still working that basic theme, but they’re adding […]

Celebs Offend Someone, Somewhere, Somehow

ESPN pulled this spot from the airwaves after gay rights advocates complained that it’s homophobic. In other celebrity endorsement news, Ashley Judd who hails from Kentucky where no wolves live, gets up in Gov. Palin’s face on behalf of Defenders of Wildlife. Watch: I found both spots on Adfreak. Flame throwers are starting to heat […]

Kellogg’s Is Square

The President of the United States smoked pot when he was young. As have most Americans. So it’s NO SURPRISE that super swimmer, Michael Phelps, would take a chill from his demanding schedule of swimming, working out and public appearances to hit the pipe. There’s this concept that he upset people, the the Phelpsian public […]

May You Stay Forever Young With Pepsi

On behalf of Pepsi, Bob Dylan and Will.I.Am of the Black Eyed Peas worked up bumpin’ new rendition of Dylan’s classic, “Forever Young.” Look for the full song to appear on iTunes soon. Hopefully, the iTunes rendition comes without the tag, “every generation refreshes the world.”

It’s All So Clean

Reids Dry Cleaners has 16 locations in the Austin, TX area and a new spokes-singer, Austin musician Erin Ivey. Ivey says on her blog that she sot shot video throughout the production process and that she’ll post it soon. [via Adfreak]

The French Raise Their Glass

An adult beverage with an urban audience, is saying cheers to our newly elected urban President. French cognac-maker, Hennessy, is selling 180,000 limited-edition bottles in honor of the 44th President of the Unites States. A percentage of proceeds is being donated to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund. Bottles are on sale in Washington, D.C., Maryland, […]