Sharapova Shot Out Of Canon

New York Times: The United States Open tennis tournament, which got under way this week, appears to be aptly named – the blue-chip sponsors for 2005 are more open than ever to trying nontraditional methods to reach consumers. For example, Canon hired tall blonde women dressed to resemble the tennis star Maria Sharapova to mingle […]

American Express Loses Its Mojo

In The New York Times: The American Express Company said yesterday that it would make changes to a campaign about Andy Roddick losing and finding his “mojo” after his first-round defeat at the United States Open tennis tournament. George Parker over at AdScam doesn’t mince words about the whole thing: Having invested several gazillion dollars […]

Volvo Works It’s Safety Positioning

Washington Times: The Swedish unit of U.S. carmaker Ford Motor Co. is experimenting with a built-in breathalyzer and speed governor to reduce road accidents. The breathalyzer is part of the seat belt mechanism, and before the car will start, the driver must blow below .08 percent or less with the belt buckled. All 50 U.S. […]

Zima’s Maltdown

Westword: I figured I was up for some experimentation. I’m secure in my own identity and all, but I’m also a young guy in his prime. So why not try something a little risque? Truth be told, I was malt-curious. And the Nob Hill Inn on East Colfax Avenue seemed like the perfect place to […]

Gentleman Rancher Causes Consternation

According to The Washington Post, David E. Lipson–a multimillionaire entrepreneur who was once chairman of Frederick’s of Hollywood–wants to trademark “The Last Best Place,” a phrase associated with Montana, where the tycoon has a ranch. If Lipson has his way his various companies would have exclusive commercial use of “The Last Best Place” as a […]

French, Without All The France

It’s rare that I find French bashing humorous. But this French restaurant in Park City pulls it off. The restaurant’s tag line is, “French, without all the France.” The introductory copy on their site reads, “You’ll find no poodles. No bidets. No bloody Jerry Lewis. Just one rapturous meal after another, served up in the […]

Make Them Stop

USA Today: America Online, the world’s largest Internet service provider, will pay $1.25 million in penalties and change some customer-service practices to settle an investigation by New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer. About 300 consumers had filed complaints with Spitzer’s office accusing AOL, a wholly owned subsidiary of Time Warner (TWX), of ignoring their requests […]

It’s A Put On

According to Adweek, a new print ad by independent McClain Finlon depicts Breckenridge Ski Resort snowboarders as members of an exclusive gentlemen’s society. Breaking in the October Snowboarder and Transworld Snowboarding magazines–as well as 20 x 24-inch posters–the full-page ad stars the Colorado resort’s sponsored snowboarders, all of whom live and snowboard in the Breckenridge […]