Killer Coke in Colombia Takes On A Whole New Meaning

As Brandweek reports:

More than 130 colleges and universities (mostly in the U.S.) have anti-Coke programs in place. At least 20 either have banned Coke products or axed exclusive contracts, per Campaign to Stop Killer Coke, New York.
The country’s largest private school, New York University, banned Coke products last week. More are preparing to follow suit, including the University of Michigan on Dec. 31. Student activists want Coke to agree to an independent third-party probe of labor violations at its Colombian bottling plants.

killer coke.jpg
Apparently, this movement is unrelated to recent efforts to curb Coke’s presence in elementary and high schools. Although if you were to put the two together, it’s very possible that nearly everyone under 21 in America can easily form a negative impression about one of the world’s iconic brands.
You can find out more about the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke at their extensive website. Coca-Cola has responded to these allegations at its Coke Facts website.
Meanwhile, some early criticism is suggesting Coke’s new advertising & marketing efforts isn’t exactly, um, killer work.

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