Will “TiVo” As A Verb Outlast TiVo As A Company?

Ad Age has an article pondering the future of the company.

“These are the death throes,” said Alex Tamayo, VP at Media Contacts, the interactive buying unit of Havas’ MPG. He noted that while TiVo has put a brand name on time-shifting, it’s struggling to gain subscribers and is being outpaced by cable operators who are aggressively rolling out their own DVRs.
In fact, TiVo’s new developments came the same week that the 8-year-old company reported, as part of its third-quarter results, that it had added during the period 55,000 net new stand-alone subscriptions — subscriptions independent of an agreement with a multichannel video provider such as DirecTV. The total was substantially lower than the 103,000 new subscriptions in the year-ago quarter.
TiVo’s also still reeling from a blow earlier this year when DirecTV began marketing its own branded interactive DVR, leaving the future of DirecTV’s relationship with TiVo unclear.

Excuse me. I have to go xerox something on a Ricoh copier.



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