GM Understands Social Media. Selling SUVs In A Post Peak-Oil Economy Still A Question Mark.

Steve Hall was right. As part of their ChevyApprentice promotion, GM was prepared to have egg thrown on its face by environmentally conscious (anti-SUV) consumers, and they were even prepared to let the egg stay there all hard and scarring. How this builds the brand or moves steel, no one knows. At any rate, here’s […]

Save Money. Dial Up An Ad.

If you want to save money, erase 1-800-555-1212 from your memory. From USA TODAY: Not long ago, the price of a cup of coffee got you a phone number from directory assistance. Now, calling 411 will nick you for the price of a Starbucks coffee. But take heart. A new crop of 800 services is […]

No Women? No Good.

Lu Chekowsky, writing for the Huffington Post, mentions that Creativity magazine is celebrating its 20th anniversary. Their anniversary issue includes a retrospective on the most important advertising figures of the last 20 years. Apparently, Creativity couldn’t find one woman who merited being pictured in a list lauding the “Most Influential Creative Minds of the Last […]

Forget “Big Love”…”Mad Men” Is On Its Way

Matt Weiner, who has written scripts for The Sopranos, has a new show in the easy-bake oven. It’s called “Mad Men,” and will chronicle the fictional lives of ad execs at fictional ad agency, Sterling Cooper in the 1960s. According to Ad Age, Weiner describes the show as, “A lot of f**king and drinking and […]

Boomers’ Worldview Fused To Rise Of TV

Linda Kaplan Thaler, CEO of Kaplan Thaler reflects on her generation in an op-ed piece for the LA Times: Did boomers really invent protest movements, civil rights or the very notion of challenging authority? Of course not. Americans were subverting norms 200 years before 1946, the year that boomers first touched down on Earth. But […]

If You’re Not On A Mission, Pick Up The Pace

The 4As are meeting in Arizona this week. Between rounds of golf, the elite men and women of the ad biz will discuss the shifting landscape under their feet, and what to do about it. Here’s a preview from the New York Times: The increasing willingness of companies like Coca-Cola, General Motors and Unilever to […]

Cargo Drops Its Load

From the newly redesigned New York Times website: The lesson to be learned from the death of Cargo is not that guys don’t like to shop, spend money or moisturize; or that Cargo was too gay or too straight; or that the cultural phenomenon of the metrosexual never really existed. The real culprit behind the […]

Skaters Shred The Web

If you’re a skater, Real Simple Syndication (RSS), just got simpler. To keep up on the latest news from Roller Warehouse, and to share that news on your own web site or MySpace page, you can now add a bit of code and presto–instant skater-specific newsfeed. Roller Warehouse: Aggressive Rollerblade Skates On the news ticker, […]