The Bloatosphere Is A Planner’s Paradise

Cambridge-educated brand planner Richard Huntington wonders aloud on his blog adliterate if blogging is killing planning.

The idea that blogging is killing planning is arrant nonsense. The main accusation is that it encourages people to share half thought through thinking. Well no shit, in a 2.0 world where you should always be in Beta test, this is the whole point.
The plannersphere is not a journal of record for the science of advertising it is a place where we try out our new thinking for the first time. It is a place where a planner like me can submit half-baked ideas to the collective intelligence of the online planning community for their scrutiny, contribution and improvement.
And it is a place where a planner from any part of the globe, can gain access to the best thinking in our discipline and support from a global community of planners.
Blogging isn’t killing planning it’s the best thing that has happened since the death of the overhead projector.

I don’t know where this debate is coming from, but I find it interesting, particularly so since AdPulp in many ways is a poor man’s planner. One of the things we’re doing here is making a database of good ideas, which might later inform the work we do for paying clients. Of course, since anyone with a connection to the intertubes can also read through our collection, “the advantage” is shared. That’s the upset apple cart aspect of what we, and so many others, do.



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