Julie Roehm Talks To BusinessWeek

This whole, uh, sordid affair, is a huge cautionary tale for anyone thinking of leaping into a new job. BusinessWeek has a good story detailing how things began–and ended for Roehm during her tenure at Wal-Mart. As fall approached, the deadline for the agency review was looming. On Oct. 15, Wal-Mart finally settled on one […]

Interference Runs Interference With Boston Investigation

An update from The Boston Globe: Friends of the local artist accused of spearheading Wednesday’s bomb scares said he was warned by an executive at a New York guerrilla marketing firm as early as 1:25 p.m. on Wednesday that their advertising campaign had incited panic in Boston. An advertising executive at Interference Marketing Inc. instructed […]

The Boston Guerrilla Suspects Speak…About Their Hair

They both plead not guilty in court today. The Interference & Cartoon Network folks are the ones who have some ‘splaining to do…not these guys. These guys probably responded to some Craigslist ad looking for “brand ambassadors” in the hopes of getting a little extra cash.

Guerrilla Marketers Go Directly To Jail

Holy freakin’ crap. In what looks to be a first for the nascent field of guerilla marketing, the man hired to execute a buzz campaign has been arrested as a terror suspect. The Boston Globe (registration required) has the story: The man who sent city and State Police rushing to defuse what they believed were […]

Guerrilla Campaign Bombs, Forces Agency Into Hiding

People in Boston freaked out today because of a guerrilla marketing campaign on behalf of Cartoon Network’s Aqua Teen Hunger Force. Reuters has more details, too. What’s really interesting is that right now, as of 7:00 PM EST, the agency responsible for this, Interference, Inc. has yanked their website down. A Google search identifies the […]

The Toad Stool Gets On A Soapbox

A new blog called The Toad Stool offers the unique insights of Tangerine Toad, a NYC-based copywriter and self-described “Student of the Absurd.” In this post, Toad talks about Gino Bona, the dude who’s written the Joe Pytka-directed NFL spot, and why some creatives get stuck at the Big Dumb Agencies: At the ToadStool, we’ve […]

The Perils Of Microtargeting

I love a good analogy. And in describing the current desire of marketers to precisely target messages at specific consumers, Teressa Iezzi, writing in Ad Age, comes up with a good one: I heard a media expert say this on a panel a while back: “If I’m a dog-food maker I am now able to […]

Poor People In Latin America: The Perfect Demographic

I simply have no idea what to make of this. From The Wall Street Journal: While many advertisers lavish dollars targeting well-off consumers, in Latin America the vast majority of people have far less money. According to the World Bank, 25% live on less than $2 a day, and many millions of others earn only […]