Sam Ewen Talks. Finally.

In the big hubbub about the Boston Cartoon Network bomb scare thing, I thought it was very strange how the CEO of Interference Inc., Sam Ewen, seemed to disappear, issuing only a written statement while his hired guns went to jail and the CEO of Cartoon Network had to resign. Now, two weeks later, he’s […]

New At The Zoo: Sally & Seth Naked And My New Column

Two things of note today on Talent Zoo. First, Sally Hogshead returns with The Naked Career podcast featuring Seth Godin. My TZ spies tell me, “This is the first time Seth has directly addressed the ad industry and the fact that they are in dire need of self-reinvention.” Second, Dinosaurs, Cockroaches, and Guerrillas, my new […]

The Way To Kill Off Your Brand

1) Sell counterfeit merchandise and threaten customers. 2) Get pissy with a TV investigative reporter. 3) Call back reporter, tell reporter you’ve changed and “witnessed the power of God,” and are willing to talk on camera. 4) Punch, spit, curse, and throw snowballs at the reporter when he returns, all the while being filmed on […]

The Brand Obama

Today, Barack Obama announced his candidacy for President. He also unveiled a very well-designed website. With home page links to Flickr, Facebook, YouTube, a blog, and other things to come, we’re getting a good look at brand-building in 2007. And with at least 15 people actively running for President, you won’t see better (and possibly […]

Atlanta Art Director Needed

Don’t let “The Google” fool you–this is an old posting, I posted this back in February 2007. How would you like to work with me? And my agency? Partners + Napier in Atlanta is looking for an Art Director, full-time. Someone with a bit of experience who’s ready to step into a Senior role. I […]

The Definitive Julie Article–Not in Bentonville Magazine

…but rather in New York Magazine. I’ll have to take time to digest this one. It’s 6,000 words long, or so.

$300, 15 Minutes Of Fame, And One Night In Jail

The Boston Globe shares more details about the two guys arrested in Boston and how they came to be involved: In a State Police report, investigators say that Berdovsky told them he met a man in Brooklyn last November who asked him to participate in a “promotional stunt” and steered him to Interference. The company […]

Jeff Chester Talks About The “Brandwashing” Of America

For a new podcast on Radio Talent Zoo, I interviewed Jeff Chester, the director of The Center For Digital Democracy and the author of Digital Destiny: New Media And The Future Of Democracy. Telecom companies, The 4A’s, and other organizations are continually lobbying Congress to relax rules and regulations that control the media. Jeff works […]