Hello Frustration

The New York Times reports on a new campaign for Avon, the largest in its 121-year history.
But here’s the part of the article that gets me:

The campaign, now getting under way, carries the upbeat theme “Hello tomorrow.” The ads are the first work from a new Avon creative agency, Soho Square in New York, part of the WPP Group, which has been developing the campaign since September 2005.
“It was a journey in getting there,” said Elizabeth Smith, executive vice president at Avon Products in New York, who is president for Avon North American and global marketing.

So we’re talking about an ad campapign that took 18 MONTHS to get developed. What took so long? Who has that kind of time anymore? Even if you factor in everything from initial research focus groups to copy testing and production, there’s no ad campaign that could possibly be worth taking that much time to develop.
Or is there? Can anyone top 18 months working to develop one major campaign?



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