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Buzzword Bingo Goes Digital, Thanks To Hilton Garden Inn

From agency Organic comes BizWords, an iPhone and iPad app for Hilton Garden Inn that lets you have a little fun with corporate lingo. Here a bit more about how it works: Once the BizWords app is downloaded from iTunes, users are greeted by the home screen and prompted to create a profile, which becomes […]

Carlsberg Shows How Bikers Aren’t As Tough As They Look. Sometimes.

What happens when some unsuspecting couples walk into a theater filled with bikers? Carlsberg Beer decided to find out. The agency that worked on this was Duval Guillaume Modem, Brussels.

FIFA, American Style

To say the rest of the world loves soccer is an understatement. Americans, not so much. Nothing new there. Video game soccer, however, is a slightly different story, as the success of EA Sports FIFA series will attest. (Insert your own joke about Americans preferring artificial things to real ones here.) But hey, if you […]

Read AdPulp on Your Kindle

Are you a big fan of your Kindle? Amazon’s e-readers are gaining more and more traction. Which is good for readers and content providers alike. We’ve been offering Kindle subscriptions since January 2010, and while the number of paid subscribers is still small, its trending in the right direction and I expect to see our […]

Well Clad Men Read Esquire, Now They Can Buy From Esquire Too

Clad, a new e-commerce partnership between JC Penney and Esquire magazine, is set to launch soon. According to Racked, the project has very little relation to the JC Penney department store retail experience as we know it—instead, it’s a part of the company’s Growth Brands Division. Esquire will also produce a mini-mag called the Clad […]

The Big Money Is In The Platform, Not The Content

Do venture capitalists use real money or Monopoly money when they throw cash at a startup? For the startup’s sake, I hope it’s real money, but it sure looks like Monopoly money from here. According to The Wall Street Journal, micro-blogging platform, Tumblr is valued at $800 million by the money men who have put […]

Inspired Advertising Is Born of the Streets

“New York is a stage that we’re all part of,” says The Chairman. This inclusive language is courtesy of Leo Burnett, a stalwart, but new arrival in The City. According to The New York Times, Burnett/New York is promoting itself with a consumer-generated content campaign called New York Writes Itself. New York Writes Itself is […]

Marketers Aim To Skew Young. Very Young.

How far will marketers go to make a brand impression? Apparently, all the way to the crib. I’d love to hear from the parents of toddlers, because this Adweek article about marketing to newborns and 2-3 year-olds sounds pretty sleazy: Licensed characters, of course, have been plastered on packaged foods, toys, and every piece of […]