Buzzword Bingo Goes Digital, Thanks To Hilton Garden Inn

From agency Organic comes BizWords, an iPhone and iPad app for Hilton Garden Inn that lets you have a little fun with corporate lingo.

Here a bit more about how it works:

Once the BizWords app is downloaded from iTunes, users are greeted by the home screen and prompted to create a profile, which becomes their business card complete with a BizWords job title. Users can “climb the corporate ladder” to more important titles based on additional interactions with the app. The app features a crowd-sourced collection of trending business buzzwords and phrases from across the country, and the hottest local terms – all of which can be viewed on a dynamic virtual heat map of the U.S.

I kind of like what they’re doing here. By leveraging the DNA of the brand in the digital sphere, the top-of-mind awareness and value-added synergy of applications among the target should enable ROI, thus successfully monetizing the mobile space.

You can check out the app here.



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