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To Build A Real Following On Facebook, Take The High Road

North Social, a leading provider of Facebook applications for businesses, has developed a series of “Fan Page Fail” video shorts featuring “socially-reckless” character Jonny Like, whose missteps show brands and public figures that it takes more than desperate promotional stunts to grow a quality fan base. “You can’t expect someone to return your ‘Follow Us […]

Critics Are Vocal, But A Brand Has To Know When To Listen And When To Trust Its Gut

The following ads from DirecTV are not featured on the brand’s YouTube page. Which is weak. If you’re going to make these spots and air them, stand by them. According to Adfreak, the “boxer” spot was posted for only a few days on DirecTV’s official channel, because the ad (by Grey New York) sparked heated […]

Compensation Does Not Equal Satisfaction, But It Helps

In the next year, over 56% of those employed in the advertising/marketing industry say they plan to change jobs despite higher levels of job satisfaction and an overall 31% increase in salary from a year ago, according to a new study released today by recruiting firm 24 Seven in partnership with Advertising Age. “This is […]

Mano A Mano En El Baño

You knew Old Spice’s use of Fabio was a set up of some sort. Right? Right. Tune in to the internets tomorrow at high noon, Eastern Standard Time, to see which Old Spice man prevails.

Information Is Overly Abundant; Hence, The Value Of Curation is a new curation platform that I signed up for this morning. Now I just need to pick a specific topic or two and start curating in yet another venue, but one that will integrate with my blogs and social channels. Martin Bryant of TheNextWeb says: Curation is a busy area right now. Startups […]

There’s A Huge Difference Between On Camera And Behind The Camera

AMC, which already has a major hit on its hands with Mad Men, is now pitching a new reality show that will pit real ad agencies against one another in a real life pitches. But agencies are not biting, according to Ad Age. Doug Spong, president of Carmichael Lynch, said that they weighed the idea […]

Let’s See Newt Gingrich Get Women To Strip For Him The Way Vladimir Putin Can

It’s a new twist in Presidential ads. Using a little T&A might just help Vladimir Putin win re-election in Russia: So what’s the story? Wired has the details: In the video, a young lady named Diana sings Vlad’s praises, saying “I’m crazy about a person who changed the life of our country. He’s a capable […]