Let’s See Newt Gingrich Get Women To Strip For Him The Way Vladimir Putin Can

It’s a new twist in Presidential ads. Using a little T&A might just help Vladimir Putin win re-election in Russia:

So what’s the story? Wired has the details:

In the video, a young lady named Diana sings Vlad’s praises, saying “I’m crazy about a person who changed the life of our country. He’s a capable politician,” according to a GlobalPost translation. With plump lips, dewey eyes and lots of cleavage, she coos at her fellow pretty young things while they massage smartphones, tablets and other symbols of ostentatious wealth. To thank Putin for her expensive lifestyle, Diana writes a pledge to rip up her clothes for Vlad in lipstick on a tank top and then demonstrates how it’s done.

And Diana wants recruits. Russians are invited to submit their own personal videos of a garment-rending salute to Putin. The best video submitted on the group’s social networking site wins a free iPad2.

Apparently, there may be a double meaning. A commenter suggests that “I will rip for Putin” also means “I will stand up for Putin” or something to that effect.



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