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Sex On A Bun, “That’s Just The Way It Is”

Carl’s Jr./Hardee’s are the first fast-food chains in the U.S. to offer turkey burgers on a national basis. To celebrate this fact, CKE Restaurants’ new agency of record, David&Goliath, bring us Miss Turkey in a bikini. The brand’s Charbroiled Turkey Burger was developed with Men’s Heath and weighs in under 500 calories. Previously on AdPulp: […]

Do Facebook “Likes” Drive Ratings? They Do In Salt Lake City

According to Lost Remote, most local TV stations average around 15,000 to 30,000 Facebook fans, but a station in the nation’s 32nd largest media market has more Facebook fans than some network TV shows. “We have a strategy and it’s working,” KUTV news director Jennifer Dahl says. “Anchors, reporters, producers, assignment desk editors and news […]

The Energy Crisis Is Grim, But Lack Of Access To Clean Water Is Much Worse

The average pair of jeans uses 42 litres of water in the finishing process. But Levi’s has devised a better way. The brand’s WaterLess collection reduces the water consumption by an average of 28% and up to 96% for some new products in the line. “We challenged ourselves to operate at the intersection of style […]

Land Of 10,000 Things To Do

Colle+McVoy’s new work for Explore Minnesota Tourism, the state’s tourism promotion office, features cameo appearances by Twins baseball player Joe Mauer, Minneapolis indie band Solid Gold and other Minnesotans as they sing about all there is to see and do in the state. Thinking back on it, I’ve done many fun things in Minnesota. My […]

The Surfer’s Journey, Volume 1

Editor’s Note: I found Stuart Cornuelle, a 23-year-old aspiring strategic planner/copywriter, digging around in the dumpsters out behind our office. After learning what he was after, I suggested a better use of his time—a weekly column detailing his campaign to break into the advertising business. The personal branding geeks always say it’s important to blog […]

Groupon, and Why Clients Don’t Get Their Trust On

So, did Groupon place too much trust in Crispin, like its’ CEO claimed? And did they turn off the part of the brain where the decision-making should’ve been? Yeah, I don’t buy it. But what does it say about the state of trust between agencies and clients? Most of us truly believe in the work […]

These Recording Artists Are All In

Sid Lee and adidas are releasing new pop culture-flavored spots to support their global “all in” campaign. I get it. Rockers and rappers sport adidas. Okay, but I prefer this new collage spot: There’s also a longer-running version of this spot. Previously on AdPulp: Life Is The Sport, Says Adidas, Who Is All In