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Digg It, Developers Are Artists

HP is urging Web developers to celebrate their creative potential through Mobile Expressionism, a new campaign from Seattle- and London-based Creature. The idea is to support the vision of developers as modern day artists, able to demonstrate their contributions to popular culture using mobile content. Creature commissioned several leading illustrators and artists to create nine […]

Search Plus Social Equals Sold

There are people inside and outside the industry who have no use for social media marketing. Then there’s the other half who are driven to purchase thanks to their “relationship” with the brand, however tenuous. According to eMarketer: Marketers still skeptical of the overall influence of social media on online purchasing habits have reason to […]

Social Media Marketing Is Advertising, And Advertising Is Not All Powerful

Diet Coke has surpassed Pepsi as the No. 2 most popular carbonated soft drink in the U.S. According to Fortune, the shift has nothing whatsoever to do with Pepsi’s oft-reported investment in social media marketing. The entire category is down thanks to concerns about calories and the rise of bottled water as a viable alternative. […]

Free Content Is The Sampler, And The Sampler Is Running Dry

Thom Chambers of In Treehouses made a guest post on SocialMouths about the need for remarkable content and how to get paid to produce it. How Your Blog is Like Wikipedia Blogging has become boring. It’s not remarkable that you’re writing really good posts a few times a week, putting in hours of your spare […]

Fringe Elements, Lovable And Otherwise

John Winsor, CEO of crowd sourcing agency Victor & Spoils, loves advertising. It’s true: I love this industry of ours. Sure, it’s full of big egos, petty jealousy, calcified old-schoolers, young misfits, angry despots, fervent critics, misguided bomb throwers, and many other fringe elements. But that’s what makes it great. People are trying to protect […]

Even The Best New Products Need Marketing, And They Need It Now

According to The Wall Street Journal, marketing and advertising firms are making direct investments through venture investment arms, using their advertising expertise as a selling point in order to get a piece of fast-growing start-ups. Among the firms that have emerged as investors include established New York agency Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal + Partners, cross-town upstart […]

Two New Names On The Door

Curious minds can now stop asking, “What’s a Wong Doody?” In a nod to two people–Court Crandall and Ben Wiener–who have helped the company become one of the nation’s most integrated advertising, digital and retail design agencies, WONGDOODY is now Wong, Doody, Crandall, Wiener. The change reflects how the agency has evolved. Crandall and Wiener […]

Share Your Breakfast, But Make It High In Fiber

Share Your Breakfast, is a new cause-related promotion from Kellogg that will help provide one million school breakfasts to help feed children from food-insecure households. One in four American children goes without breakfast each morning, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Kristin Wartman is a food writer living in Brooklyn, and contributor to Grist, […]