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Welcome To The “You, Your Awesome Body, and You” Show

I’ve never heard of Muscle Milk before, but these new commercials from Pereira & O’Dell provide an amusing introduction. Muscle Milk is the leading product from the CytoSport family that promotes efficient fat burning, lean muscle growth and quick recovery from exercise. In other words, it’s the kind of product weight-conscious people purchase at GNC.

Bogusky Fires Back

Looks like Jim Edwards got Alex Bogusky’s attention with his BNET piece last week that placed the blame for BK’s departure from Crispin Porter & Bogusky squarely on Bogusky’s shoulders. Words like this will do that to a man: “Bogusky was once hailed as a creative genius who grew a small Miami ad shop into […]

Hire Crispin, Ruffle Feathers

Coupons are on fire. I suppose we needn’t be surprised–coupons tap a basic consumer instinct to save money. Yet, the meteoric rise of Living Social and Groupon is a story that’s hard to fully grasp. In a little over two years, Groupon, the Chicago company stared by Andrew Mason, 30, a former rock band keyboardist, […]

Gaming And Geolocation Come To Luxury Retail

Neiman Marcus has paired up with mobile gaming startup SCVNGR for a geolocation-based promotion that runs from March 17 through April 10th at all 41 Neiman Marcus locations. The luxury retailer will award prizes to shoppers who complete various challenges with SCVNGR’s iPhone or Android apps. Users will be asked, for instance, to head to […]

Apple, Your Supreme Arrogance Is Showing

This new campaign for Apple’s iPhone 4 does a good job showcasing the utility inherent in the product, but I do not like the copy, the casting or the direction at all. “If you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone.” That’s hardly a friendly invite into the cult of Mac.

Looking To Find A Cause For The BK Split, Jim Edwards Flamebroils Alex Bogusky

Few people who write with a journalistic take on the ad business are as provocative as Jim Edwards. And commenting on Burger King’s decision to split with Crispin Porter + Bogusky, he aims straight for Alex Bogusky after tracing the timeline of agency and client changes: And while Bogusky was once hailed as a creative […]

Tech Journalists Weigh In At SouthBy

Are you fatigued buy all the SouthBy coverage on this site and others? I ask because there’s more than one week’s worth of content nuggets to unearth. For instance, Pelpina Trip of WebBeat.TV spoke to Richard MacManus, founder of ReadWriteWeb about his team’s use of Beluga’s group messaging service, and about Marshall Kirkpatrick’s breaking story […]

Can Chrysler Tell Us What’s True And Sell Us A Car?

Joe Staples, Creative Director at Wieden+Kennedy, shares with the TED audience his thoughts on the Chrysler Super Bowl spot and the future of advertising. I’ve said before how much I like the commercial, but I’m reminded by a comment on TED’s site from one Peter Gillespie, what it is about the the commercial in question […]