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The Surfer’s Journey, Vol. 7

Or: Whose agency is it anyway? Part I. On principle, I will never send inspirational or touching videos. I will break every FWD chain. I will never fill the Subject field with “Just thought you’d enjoy this.” People have enough to read, see and think about. However. If you work a knowledge economy office job, […]

The Surfer’s Journey, Vol. 6

Today’s message is pried from the mind of an advertising demigod. Young people in particular, perk up those furless ears. Background: I was in California for the last three weeks on magazine business, for this magazine, which I help edit. Apparently we can put anything we want on our T-shirts. In truth, though, Vice is […]

The Surfer’s Journey, Vol. 5

Here’s a pair of popular maxims on technology. I like both because they’re downright folksy enough (if too factually accurate) for a Tea Party stump speech, yet still highly relevant to advertising today: 1. “You don’t see many horse-and-buggy drivers anymore.” 2. “Television didn’t kill radio.” Both are true, but as metaphors for disruptive innovation, […]

The Surfer’s Journey, Vol. 4

The portfolio is to a creative what MCAT scores are to med students: don’t apply without one. Legion are the books (and blogs) concerned with crafting impressive books (and blogs — many portfolios are now digital). So creatives have this established protocol for demonstrating aptitude to a potential employer, partner, client — whomever they must […]

The Surfer’s Journey, Volume 3

“The best way to get a job is to write down all the things you love to do, draw a circle around it, and call it a job.” —Jelly Helm, former ECD at Wieden + Kennedy and founder of Jelly Helm Studio I love that advice — the audacity! these Millennial sensibilities purr — but […]

The Surfer’s Journey, Volume 2

Advertising simply cannot wait to tell you about itself. This I’ve quickly come to realize. It’s a business of prolific boosters and publishers that collectively generate so much unsolicited, inward looking content, you start to infer their paid client work is a little slow. Or that the whole industry is on speed. People with ad […]

The Surfer’s Journey, Volume 1

Editor’s Note: I found Stuart Cornuelle, a 23-year-old aspiring strategic planner/copywriter, digging around in the dumpsters out behind our office. After learning what he was after, I suggested a better use of his time—a weekly column detailing his campaign to break into the advertising business. The personal branding geeks always say it’s important to blog […]