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Here’s A Consumer Packaged Goods Story You Don’t See Everyday

MilkMade Ice Cream is a craft ice cream maker in New York City that sells its product by subscription. Despite the high price of the subscription–about $17 for a hand delivered pint–the company has a waiting list of 1500 subscribers, according to Today. But let’s go back to 2009 and the company’s beginning to hear […]

What Camp Are You In? The Mayo Camp Or Miracle Whip Camp?

Miracle Whip is not afraid of its detractors. In fact, the Kraft brand is embracing them. For instance, when you visit the brand’s YouTube page, you can say you love, or hate, the product. Here are some new TV spots that reinforce the split by ask, “Are You Miracle Whip?” It’s a strangely worded question, […]

We Agree That Oil Is A Dirty Business

Our future depends on new ideas. Yet, certain old ideas–like the value of an expensive advertising and pr campaign–are resistant to change. Let’s listen to Chevron’s positive spin for a minute and a half. These ads don’t measure up to BP’s “Beyond Petroleum” farce, but they occupy that same space, where we can see an […]

Teens Tell Teens To Be Safe Behind The Wheel, Because Allstate Wants Them To

Elephant Filmworks, a full-service production and post-production film company founded in Chicago, recently produced an eight episode teen-centric web series called “The Lines” for Allstate Insurance. Here’s the first episode, which was released in January: Here is episode 2, also from January: “The Lines” is meant to speak to young drivers and empower them to […]

Explain The Rainbow

BBDO Toronto and Wrigley Canada are back with more baffling Skittles commercials. Todd Wasserman of Mashable says the brand “long ago stopped talking about product attributes and instead has released one increasingly bizarre avant garde/Dada 30-second skit after another.” Which is refreshing. Wasserman also calls the device in the spots “faux interactive.” But is it? […]

Piers Morgan Loves Twitter, Dedicates Entire Show To The Service

Martha Stewart is a lightweight on Twitter. Yes, she has over two million followers, but she only spends five minutes a day on the site and doesn’t bother to @reply. Last night on CNN, Stewart said, “Generally, what I do is I put out what I want to say, what I would like people to […]

Score One For Branded Utility

Scott Belsky, Founder & CEO Behance, gathered his thoughts following his trip to Austin for SXSW earlier this month. Writing for OPEN Forum, Belsky says he appreciated AOL’s booth where they curated news. Score one for branded utility. Belsky (who I heard from at Big Omaha last May) also says “the future of advertising” was […]

He’s Been Right Twice Before. Is Gurbaksh Chahal Also Right About Tracking?

Until today, I had not heard of Gurbaksh Chahal, founder, Chairman & CEO of RadiumOne. My bad. Chahal–a serial entrepreneur, who sold his first company at the age of 16 for $40 million–is also an international best-selling author of The Dream, the true inspirational tale of his entrepreneurial journey. Thankfully, I am aware of RadiumOne. […]