What Camp Are You In? The Mayo Camp Or Miracle Whip Camp?

Miracle Whip is not afraid of its detractors. In fact, the Kraft brand is embracing them. For instance, when you visit the brand’s YouTube page, you can say you love, or hate, the product.

Here are some new TV spots that reinforce the split by ask, “Are You Miracle Whip?” It’s a strangely worded question, that echoes another strangely worded question: “Are you a PC?”

The brand’s YouTube page also offers free samples, in case you’re not sure which side of the mayo/Mircale Whip fence you’re on. Rupal Patel, senior associate brand manager at Kraft, told Clickz that Miracle Whip has given away 185,000 samples so far.

“What consumers tell us is that there’s no in between – people either love it or hate it. We recognize that it’s a polarizing product and rather than deny that, we’re embracing those who don’t like it and owning up to [the fact that] it’s not for everyone,” Patel says.



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