Teens Tell Teens To Be Safe Behind The Wheel, Because Allstate Wants Them To

Elephant Filmworks, a full-service production and post-production film company founded in Chicago, recently produced an eight episode teen-centric web series called “The Lines” for Allstate Insurance.

Here’s the first episode, which was released in January:

Here is episode 2, also from January:

“The Lines” is meant to speak to young drivers and empower them to make the right choices when they are behind the wheel. “This was an awesome storytelling opportunity for an exciting, emerging platform,” says Peter Williams, executive producer of Elephant Filmworks. “Allstate’s end goal was to connect with a younger demographic online. We worked to create an honest story that speaks to teens in their own voice.”

Teens own voice, huh? We can’t all be MTV, and I’m afraid that goes for Allstate in this instance. The scenes are forced and the writing and acting is stiff. Understand, I want Allstate to win with a series like this. The problem is advertainment, or content marketing, from a brand has to be as good, or better, than anything else out there.

I believe in time the hits will come, but it’s going to take proper investment and lots of practice.



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