Piers Morgan Loves Twitter, Dedicates Entire Show To The Service

Martha Stewart is a lightweight on Twitter. Yes, she has over two million followers, but she only spends five minutes a day on the site and doesn’t bother to @reply.

Last night on CNN, Stewart said, “Generally, what I do is I put out what I want to say, what I would like people to know, and then I let them interpret it. I think that’s a very good use of Twitter.”

Later in the segment, Gary Vaynerchuk came out and said he almost threw up on himself in the green room when Stewart said that.

Vaynerchuk reminded the CNN audience that listening is a big part of Twitter. He said he built up his following on Twitter by searching for wine terms, then engaging with the people he shared an interest with.

What search terms have you entered into Twitter of late?



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