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Based On The Book By Erik Qualman

Erik Qualman is back with a second edition of his Social Media Revolution, a state of the media report. One of the salient points that grabs me here is the idea that Generation Y and Z consider email passé, and that some universities have stopped distributing email accounts to incoming students. In fact, Boston College […]

It Takes Many Streams To Make A River

Tom Foremski is a former Financial Times journalist. Last March, on his blog Silicon Valley Watcher, he coined the term “Heinz 57 Media Business Model” to emphasize the number of ingredients needed for a successful strategy today. Multiple revenue streams are key to the success of future media companies. And each one will have a […]

Want Some AdPulp-Branded Merch? Awesome, Start Commenting Again.

design by Steve Gordon of @rdqlus_creative The other day, Gary Vaynerchuk said he wouldn’t make videos and do what he does if people in his audience didn’t comment. I don’t feel that way, but I do wonder what happened to the practice of commenting on blogs. Facebook and Twitter happened, for sure, but the answer […]

With Ford’s Help, Fiesta Fans Tell Others Why They Love The Car

The Fiesta Project asked “real” people to find creative ways to put the 2011 Ford Fiesta to the test. See some of the results below. I think it’s pretty clear that these spots are NOT classic consumer generated content. They’re better, because they’re collaborative efforts between consumers and the brand.

Someone, Somewhere Is Going To Create Beautiful And Effective Digital Advertising For The Win

Paris-based freelance writer and media consultant, Frédéric Filloux, says digital advertising sucks and the ad business is suffering from “lethal self-complacency.” In the news business, we have a rule of thumb: an electronic reader brings 15 to 20 times less in advertising revenue than a print reader does. I’ll stop short of saying this dire […]

Don’t Let Futbol Ruin Your Routine

La Comunidad’s new TV spots present MTV’s give an understanding nod to the World Cup’s massive global appeal and viewer dominance during the event’s month-long run. “It’s football time, we understand why you aren’t watching MTV,” the ads state. The campaign will air on MTV channels outside the U.S. starting in June, which is odd, […]

When Your Email Manages Itself, You’re Free To Knit, Dance, Sing, Etc.

Microsoft is making a “major investment” in Hotmail, by building new time product features into the product. The updates are being communicated via The New Busy ad campaign which is currently running across London buses, black cabs, billboards and radio stations. This week, Hotmail is adding experiential marketing to the mix. The events will take […]

Opportunity Tweets

Angel investor, Ron Conway, is bullish on Twitter. In the video below from last month’s Chirp Conference, Conway tells Robert Scoble that “there is boundless opportunity” in the Twitter ecosphere. Conway says, “We’re not even through the first inning of how big Twitter can be.” [via Silicon Prairie News]