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One Less Magazine To Read While Munching M&Ms During Post Production

Boards Magazine, which is owned by Brunico Communications Ltd., a privately-held company based in Toronto, is no more. When you land on the pub’s home page, this is what’s there to greet you: According to their “About” page, Boards Magazine was the leading industry publication about the international business of commercial production, read monthly by […]

HP Makes A Fashion Statement With The Help Of Carrie Bradshaw & Friends

According to Christina Warren at Mashable, in the original HBO television series, Sex and the City, “Carrie’s Mac was practically its own character.” But no longer. Now, as the franchise’s second feature film fills the big screen, Ms. Bradshaw and her friends are the Windows platform, thanks to a product placement deal with HP.

It’s Not “Sportman’s Paradise” In A Hazmat Suit

CNN is airing a two-night special called Toxic America hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta on June 2-3. The special report reveals the results of a yearlong CNN investigation into environmental pollution and health, looking at one Louisiana town surrounded by chemical plants. Plus the enemy we can’t see: a look at how pollutants affect our […]

Meanwhile, At The Fortress Of Flavor

Super Delicious Ingredient Force from Taco Bell is an interesting new example of content meets advertising. This isn’t brand sponsored content, it’s long form advertising made possible by the Internet. Typically a four-minute piece on Taco Bell’s products would fail to grab me, but the copy here is pretty good, and the framework of an […]

Should TMZ Be An Influence On Ad Agencies?

This isn’t a new column, but it’s an interesting one. Jim Elliott, Creative Director at Goodby, writes in a Boards Magazine blog about the use of tabloid-esque news and other media-related stunts in the ad biz. I mean, let’s face it — all brands (whether they’re the kind you find in kitchen cupboards or within […]

Goodby Lands Big Car Account, Opens Detroit Office

Great advertising people love a good challenge and Jeff Goodby, Rich Silverstein and crew have just given themselves the ultimate challenge by pitching, and winning, Chevrolet. According to The Wall Street Journal the General Motors brand is moving its business to GS&P after less than a month with Publicis Groupe. Talk about turbulent times… Here’s […]

Let Me Just Agree With Everyone Else On This Nike Spot

It’s really damn good. Write The Future from Nalden on Vimeo. Almost makes me want to go watch some soccer.

How It Works Online: Enable Your Visitors, Or Get Lost

Makin’ Ads, an ad blog for aspiring creatives who are working on their books, offers some insight via a guest series from Nathan Archambault, a copywriter at AKQA in New York. I like what he says about content and how brands need to rethink their entire premise when working in online media channels. Content that […]