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Listen, Learn, React. This Is Your Daily Media Practice.

On Wednesday, Microsoft introduced Looking Glass, its new social media monitoring tool at Advertising Week in New York. Christopher Heine at ClickZ rightly notes that the field of social media analytics is fast maturing, but Microsoft’s ability to integrate key business elements like customer databases, CRM centers and sales data via Microsoft’s enterprise platforms like […]

Skating Through London And Other Shorts

Welcome to Optimism is sharing a “small selection” of videos prepared by WK London for Nokia’s world conference in Stuttgart earlier this month. Here’s one:

Canadian Celebrity Steve Nash and 50 Cent Appear In Fake Informercial For Real Promotion

Want to create a new flavor of vitaminwater? Great. The brand is asking its fans to help develop the next vitaminwater flavor which will be sold in stores in the spring of 2010. [via Make the Logo Bigger]

Brains In Front of the Firecam

The crew at Brains on Fire reveal themselves:

Radio Is Fertile Ground For Story

The Lacey Study, a sound comedy, is a serial radio program seeking an audience and possibly a sponsor. According to The Wall Street Journal, serials proliferated in the 1920s, and many eventually made the leap to television, including “Guiding Light,” which is only now about to end its 72-year run. Creators of the show James […]

Life is Not a Two-Page Visual Solution Spread

We do a lot of commenting here on AdPulp about new campaigns and brand efforts. What’s interesting is, many of our topics come from other blogs, press releases, Adweek and Ad Age. That’s not an accident. Lots of brands and ad agencies are going to great lengths to get added publicity for their campaigns–and that’s […]

Zen and the Art of Account Service

Here’s a great piece of dialogue from this week’s episode of Mad Men: Sterling: Wasn’t even on the (org) chart. My name’s on the wall out there. I like to think I’m rich, they can’t hurt me. Cooper: That’s a mistake. Sterling: I’m being punished for making my job look easy. Although, that kid Guy, […]

I’m Surprised That Poor Taste Sells Good Taste

Mr. Sub has a promise to make to Canadians. When it comes to the quality of their subs, you’ll never get an unfortunate surprise. “The insight for this campaign about ‘no surprises’ comes right out of the product itself,” says Gary Watson, Co-Creative Director at Bos, Toronto. Huh? We’re consistent is the best Mr. Sub […]