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Bogusky Wigs Out

Agency sites typically suck for a variety of reasons. They tend to be static affairs full of stilted language about proprietary methods and other chest beating nonsense. They also tend to sit idle for years before being swapped out, which is bad form for any company that needs to prove itself in digital media. According […]

Levi’s Goes Forth With New Work From Wieden

Levi’s is one of the most iconic brands in American history and in America today. Given that kind of solid bedrock to work with, a campaign that celebrates the Americaness of the brand seems like it might be a good fit. Portland’s Wieden + Kennedy, which picked up the $80 mil. piece of business six […]

Deepak Chopra Helps Honda Sell Cars

“Dreams vs. Nightmares” is the latest installment in Honda’s DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE documentary series. Launched in January, the series works to reveal the true essence of Honda’s corporate philosophy. “We hope to inspire our customers to see the possibilities beyond the nightmares they may read in the news,” says Barbara Ponce, manager of corporate advertising […]

Free Your Mind of Any And All Ideas About Free

I’m pleased to see someone as prominent as Malcolm Gladwell take Chris Anderson’s new book, Free apart at the binding. Here’s a passage from Gladwell’s book review in The New Yorker: His advice is pithy, his tone uncompromising, and his subject matter perfectly timed for a moment when old-line content providers are desperate for answers. […]

But Wait, There’s No More. RIP, Billy Mays.

I’ll have more to say later this week on what ad pros can learn from Mays and his ilk. And the dude had a good sense of humor: TV pitchman Billy Mays found dead at Florida home (from the AP)

Darden’s Unique Recipe Something To Write Home About

A little over a year ago in Orlando, we happened to pick a Darden restaurant, Seasons 52, for Mother’s Day brunch. It was a great choice and I thought at the time, Darden–which also owns and operates Red Lobster, The Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, The Capital Grille and Bahama Breeze–must really know what they’re doing. […]

And We Thought The 80s Was A Self-Absorbed Time In America

Tom Peters, what have you wrought? To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You. These platitudes come rolling off the press and their shiny newness brings a crowd to ooh and aah. But that doesn’t mean a solid case is being made. It seems […]

Can You Imagine Any Ad Guy’s Advice Being Worth One Tenth of This?

Direct one-on-one advice from the world’s most sage investor is priceless. Scratch that, the price is $2.1 mil. That’s the coin that Chinese Hedge Fund manager, Zhao Danyang paid to dine with Warren Buffett, a.k.a. “The Oracle of Omaha” at Smith & Wollensky’s in New York yesterday.. Embedded video from Video According to Fortune, […]