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Unless You’re Neil Young Or Bob Dylan, Reinventing Yourself Can Be A Bad Idea

Typically, resistance to an ad campaign comes from the hordes of disinterested viewers and sometimes from various activist groups. Not this time. This time the new campaign from Chipotle and Butler Shine & Stern is taking a beating on an ad blog. In fact, The Denver Egotist has a bring back the big ass burrito […]

Some Things In Life Can Not Be Explained

[via Cynical-C]

Jimmy Dean Fights the Morning Fade

This is a cute commercial, but it’s a category sell. It’s selling the idea of breakfast, not the particular benefits of a Jimmy Dean breakfast. If one buys the premise in the ad, the solution could be toast or apple sauce or what have you. Of course, this kind of thing happens everyday in AdLandia, […]

TwitteRFP Works For Current TV Review–And Gets Me Directly Involved

There’s nothing less transparent in the agency world than account reviews and new business pitches. It’s a labyrinth of consultants, PowerPoint decks, pitches, and maneuvering of all kinds. But on Thursday, Jordan Kretchmer, Vice President of Brand for The Current Network, turned the whole agency review process on its ear with a TwitteRFP, calling for […]

Clever Like A Fox

Fox, a division of News Corp., wants us to “Green it” and “Mean it.” Interesting. I’d like them to remove bias from their anchor lineup. Hmmm… [via Infrastructurist]

News Print Is Out, But Custom Printing Is In

Digital delivery has changed the music business, but true fans want collectibles. Now more than ever. Hence, the need to produce a special “package” and offer it in tandem with whatever digital downloads are made available. Fans want both the instant gratification of a download and the follow up physical object. Arcade Fire Miroir Noir […]

No Longer The Founders’ Space

You might have heard that News Corp. sent Tom and Chris packing this week. With growth stunted, it’s an expected move, but one that invites this question: will MySpace now become a particularly smelly soc net? Grant McCracken, for one, sees the need for new thinking in relation to new media properties like MySpace. In […]

Head Joneser Embarks On New Jones-Like Journeys

Melissa Allison and Amy Martinez, business reporters for Seattle Times, are reporting that founder and former chief executive of Jones Soda, Peter van Stolk, has left the building. Van Stolk also negotiated a $100,000 reduction in severance pay in exchange for the freedom to talk freely about the company and compete against it if he […]