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Ad Man Sees Big Bucks In “Series of Tubes”

Portfolio is running a breezy interview with Sir Martin, CEO of WPP Group. Here’s one bit of substance for you to choke on. Q. What will your industry look like in five years? A. It’s going to be more dominated by PCs, internet, video content, social networking. Our competitors say it’s about creative ideas. We […]

Freedom Fries Are Not On The Menu

The French know how to live. This is common knowledge. It is also common knowledge that their recipe for life includes a steady diet of incredible wine, bread and cheese. Yet, French producers have a marketing problem. Other places also produce these life essentials. Hence, the need for a party. Lots of parties with French […]

Today In Twitterverse: Your Flock In A Cloud

Mind your own flock at

BFG Plants Its Seed

An agency where you once worked is kind of like a college you once attended. Generally speaking, you want it to do well. That’s what being an alum means. So, it’s nice to see BFG moving an initiative forward that will help build its brand in the Savannah/Hilton Head region (and it may help the […]

In A Hyphenated Word: Post-Modern

[New work from Ogilvy&Mather/Paris via I Believe In Advertising]

Frosted Mini Dramas

Feed your kids Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats and the little tigers will pay better attention at school. That particular claim by the Grand Rapids, Mich. cereal brand got the attention of regulators at the Federal Trade Commission, who likely have children themselves. Kellogg’s national TV ads assert that attentiveness improved nearly 20 percent in children who […]

Run Like The Wind In Nothin’ But Nikes

The casting sessions for this spot must have been interesting. [via BrandFreak]

Phish Swims On

A band like Phish with legions of loyal followers doesn’t need advertising. But they have it anyway…