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Top Brands Are The Land of Real Value

There are times when Mad Men let doubt creep in. Times when they wonder if their investment in advertising is well spent. If you’re suffering from such thoughts, maybe this will help… According to Market Watch, America’s Top 100 brands (as ranked by BusinessWeek and InterBrand) generated a 31% return from 2000 through 2008, while […]

Motivate Like A CEO: Good Advice No Matter Who You Are

I have to admit, I was a little skeptical when I got a book by Suzanne Bates entitled, Motivate Like A CEO: Communicate Your Strategic Vision and Inspire People to Act! Because I’ve seen and heard way to many ad agency CEOs who simply have no motivational or leadership skills. They rule by fear, politics […]

Oregon’s Culture Shapers Win Again

Phil Knight’s Laika is big news in Portland these days. The animation studio’s new film Coraline is doing well at the box office and people are also loving the marketing for the film created by Knight’s old buddies at Wieden + Kennedy. In an Ad Age interview, Knight says W+K identified some 15 niche demographic […]

Not Schlotzsky, Schlovsky

Who is Arthur Schlovsky? Is he a potato chip manufacturer? A coal miner? A cowboy with Polish roots? No, Arthur Schlovsky is an Internet agency in Paris with a made-up name designed to support its creative image, according to Nathalie Alfred, a Mediaedge spokeswoman. Mediaedge is the agency’s parent company. According to The Wall Street […]

When All Else Fails, Just Beg ‘Em To Stop

I once had a client that was busted on several news shows for bait-and-switch advertising. But it didn’t stop them and they didn’t care. In fact, they’re still doing the same advertising, years later. Over at Tribble Ad Agency, they’re tired of the ad campaign run by LifeLock and its CEO, who has advertised his […]

If Art’s In Everything, It’s Also In Advertising

I’m a huge proponent of brands hiring artists to produce something of lasting value. And I love to see a local company step up and support the artists in their community. Alden State Bank in Alden, Michigan made good on both of these ideals when they put John T. Unger on their signage needs. Unger […]

Today In Twitterverse: A “Contrary” Opinion

“One of the most salient features of our culture is that there is so much bullshit.” – Harry G. Frankfurt Hoffman/Lewis President, Bob Hoffman, thinks Twitter is “the narcissistic keeping in touch with the feckless.” let that sink in for a moment Naturally, the Twitterati ventured over to The Ad Contrarian’s site to set the […]

The Web Is Not TV In St. Louis Or Anywhere Else

As a content producer, I wanted to see Bud.TV succeed. Now that the experiment is over, it’s time to learn from A-B’s mistakes. Mistake #1: Hiding the content behind a gated community. I know it’s the law in A-B’s case, but on the Web it’s still a mistake. Mistake #2: Modeling the content strategy on […]