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Yet Another Facebook Story: Work @Home FTW

Because I’m open to new things, I clicked the sidebar ad on my Facebook Profile page. You might know the one. It says “Work for Google at Home. Learn how I make over $4000 a month part-time at home.” The visual is a wad of cash. Anyway, if you click through to the campaign’s microsite, […]


Does anyone work in advertising anymore? Lee Clow works in a “Media Lab.” And now, David Balwin works in a “Creative Practice.” According to Creativity, Baldwin has migrated from McKinney to his own six-person shop in Durham, NC called Baldwin&. But it’s not an ad agency–that’s so last century. “We call it a creative practice […]

Gravity Brings BS Down To Earth

The Interwebs are buzzing over a document supposedly created at the Arnell Group to explain the thinking behind the new Pepsi logo. You just have to see it to believe it. It’s a masterstroke–of what, I’m not sure. But it shows the length to which some people will sell an idea. What’s the most outlandish […]

Pytka The Horseman

[A-B Extras via Brian Solis]

Say It With Music

I’d like to welcome Rumblefish into the Friends of AdPulp family. I had coffee last fall with Paul Anthony, CEO of the sonic branding and music licensing concern. I pitched him on AdPulp, among other things. What can I say? Dawn Leonetti of Rumblefish then worked with me to get two new banners in place […]

A Mile High But Not Very Deep

“I have seen amazingly creative people come to Denver and begin to coast, and then sink like a stone.” – Felix Every once in a while, Felix at The Denver Egotist likes to really get going on the issues of the day. For some creatives working in Denver’s agency scene, that means trying to measure […]


Tomorrow is a big day in magazine publishing–the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue hits the newsstand. DIRECTV is ready with a two-page spread. “Couch Sutra” borrows (perhaps a bit too much) from the Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian spiritual text famous for its detailed illustrations of human sexual behavior. In this bastardized version meant to sell […]

Your Core Customers Are Everything

Mass marketing. That’s our game. But it’s a game with fewer fans in seats today. Those fans have wandered off to other more intimate settings. They may never come back. The New York Times shows us one company coming to grips with these new terms and how it is adjusting itself. “Mass for us is […]