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Dairyland Doublespeak

The New York Times is busting out dairy industry advocacy group, American Farmers for the Advancement and Conservation of Technology, or Afact. The paper says Afact likes to present itself as a grassroots organization of dairy farmers, when it’s actually a lobbying effort backed by Monsanto and their St. Louis-based ad agency, Osborn & Barr. […]

Google’s Special Algorithms Now Available On YouTube’s À La Carte Menu

The Wall Street Journal is reporting on the lengths YouTube is going to help make Toyota’s wishes comes true. The car maker paid $4 million for a new destination on the site, dubbed “Best in Jest.” Special algorithms created by YouTube find up-and-coming comedy videos on the site each week and feature them in Toyota’s […]

Bears Eat Wranglers, Boots And All

Shawn Waite brings this retro-feeling print campaign for Nocona Boots to our attention. I don’t like that these cowboys are messin’ with a bear. Bears are my peeps. However, if I allow myself to overlook this fact and to overlook the fact that the other ads in this campaign also glamorize man conquering nature, I […]

Who’s Your Natty?

I don’t understand how this got by legal. You can’t overtly market beer to kids, including college kids. Everyone knows said demo is a must have, but rarely do you see it called out like this. [via Your Monkey Called]

Eight-Second Content Bursts

Ad Age looks at the LA Times use of digital outdoor boards. Los Angelenos plagued by traffic delays or seeking a productive roadside distraction will be able to catch exclusive news via 10 digital billboards placed across the city by Clear Channel Outdoor. The Los Angeles Times is the first newspaper to use the company’s […]

Which Is Worse: Bad Service Or Bad Emissions?

I’ve been working on some “green” intiatives for a client of mine this week, so this story caught my eye: British environmentalists say a Chicago-to-London American Airlines flight was “obscene” because it carried only five passengers. The Feb. 9 flight used 22,000 gallons of fuel to carry the passengers on the trans-Atlantic route, a decision […]

Deep Into Data

Is the web a place best suited to brand building or to direct marketing? It’s a popular debate inside agencies and client boardrooms. According to The New York Times, Alaska Airlines is on the DM side of this equation. Alaska Airlines is introducing a system on the Internet to create unique advertisements for people as […]

Universal Ad Truth #4120: Bad Is Bad, No Matter Where It Runs

According to The Wall Street Journal, Heng Yuan Xiang Group, a top Chinese wool producer, wanted to celebrate its sponsorship of this summer’s Beijing Olympics. So the wool company began running a 60-second ad in February, during the celebration of Lunar New Year, China’s biggest holiday. When the Chinese public first saw the ad, some […]