Sticks and Stones…

Agency Spy ran with a piece about John Rausch, formerly a Group CD at Euro RSCG/Chicago, running amok and causing a “mini-coup” in the agency’s creative department.
Which isn’t that big of a deal, I suppose. What I like about this post is the fact that the shop’s Chairman and Chief Creative Officer, Steffan Postaer–who is in South Africa on a shoot, according to his blog–stepped up to the plate in the comments.
The post’s first comment in the string comes from Pete Shotton. He calls Postaer “one of advertising’s great poseurs.”
Postaer responds with this:

Mon dieu! We have been found out!
Let this serve as my confession.
Shotton is correct. I was “posing as an intellectual.”
It was intended as a ruse to fool certain liberal factions of our company. Alas, it became an obsession. When Shotton revealed the “sane people were trying to escape” I ordered the exit doors barred. This action was impetus for the “revolution” Agency Spy reported. Unfortunately, the “coup” left several brave creative directors mortally wounded and they had to be taken out. May the Gods of Advertising have mercy on them… and on my soul. So say I, on this the 5th day of March, 2008. -SRP

Hey, at least Postaer’s having fun with it all.



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